The third in a glorious sticker book series created for the National Trust, this book is packed with facts about weird and wonderful sea creatures and their homes. With four pages of wildlife stickers, you can stick porpoises in the harbour, fill the rock pools with sea urchins, add an octopus into the underwater cave, and much, much more. From basking sharks swimming in the deep sea to crabs scuttling across the sandy shore, this is an excellent introduction to all types of sea creatures for the very young.


Книга с наклейками! Развороты с наклейками на последнем фото.

Sharks, Seahorses and other British Sea Creatures (sticker book)

Артикул: 978-1-78800-262-2
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  • Автор

    Nikki Dyson
  • Иллюстратор

    Nikki Dyson

  • Издательство

    National Trust
  • Формат, мм

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